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JB Neufeld 2008 Dubrul Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Label

DuBrul Vineyard

DuBrul Vineyard, planted in 1992, is situated on a south facing basalt outcropping in the Yakima Valley AVA and is owned and meticulously managed by Hugh & Kathy Shiels. The soils in the vineyard are made up of relatively thin, wind-deposited silt over the more coarse-grained alluvial fan deposits. The volcanic ash and diversity of rock types within the vineyard add to the complexity of its terroir. Thru Hugh & Kathy’s hard work and passion for growing outstanding fruit, DuBrul Vineyard was voted “Vineyard of the Year” in 2007 & 2009.



JB Neufeld 2008 Artz Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Label

Artz Vineyard

Artz Vineyard is situated directly above the Yakima River within the Red Mountain AVA and is owned and managed by Jorja Artz. Its located next to the acclaimed Klipsun Vineyard. The soils were deposited by the great Missoula floods and consist of a silty sand overlaying a basalt outcropping. The late Fred Artz has a long history in this area and he played a central role in establishing many of Washington’s vineyards. In 2008, Fred received the “Lifetime Achievment Award”.