Why we do what we do: The story goes that wine legend Andre Tchelistcheff was overheard saying “One day the greatest Cab Sauv will come from Washington.” We totally agree and we want to make one of the Cab Sauvs that will stand the test of time and be part of the WA wine legacy. We believe we are part of a tradition of great WA Cabernet in the making. As a collective industry we are just beginning to find the perfect Cab Sauv growing sites and just beginning to push the limits on the possibilities of these wines.

We are Yakima: All of our wines are from the Yakima Valley AVA in Washington State. Our goal is to create wines with a sense of place. We think Cabernet is one of the best varieties for communicating where (and how) it was grown without too many winemaker interruptions. When you enjoy one of our cabs you can get a real feel for what the Yakima Valley has to offer the world of wine. Minimal winemaker intervention-maximum terrior expression.

Delayed Gratification: At the end of the day our intention is to make a wine that helps solidify WA wine as the best in the world.  Our wines are for today but perhaps more importantly our wines are for tomorrow. We hope you enjoy one of our cabs this evening-they are delicious right now but when we crafted this bottle we also wanted to see the possibility of these grapes in 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20!. Thank you for being on this journey with us, together we can drink history in the making.

How to drink:  Our wines will really open up over the course of an evening. To fully experience now we recommend letting them open up for a bit before enjoying. Sometimes we will even open a bottle, pour a bit out, and enjoy with dinner the following night! 

Passion Project: JB Neufeld is Justin's side project and being the winemaker for Gilbert Cellars is his full time job. He took the job as winemaker for Gilbert Cellars in August of 2007. Then in 2009, He took over management of the Gilbert Cellars’ vineyards as well. Gilbert Cellars has been a wonderful opportunity for him to grow as a winemaker and work with a supportive and visionary family. They are as encouraging of JB Neufeld as our own folks.

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