Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is the #1 varietal in Washington state with over 18,000 acres planted. But all vineyards are not created equal and we are lucky enough to work with some of the best Cabernet Sauvignon growing sites in the state. Fruit sources are everything. All our fruit comes from the Yakima Valley AVA but each site is completley unique. 

Red Willow Vineyard: James Beard Nominee Red Willow Vineyard, is the furthest western vineyard within the Yakima Valley AVA.  Founded in 1971 Red Willow is one of the oldest vineyards in Washington State and is still owned and operated by the Sauer family. Their vines are grown on steep hillsides, with unique formations of soils unlike any other. 

Two Blondes VineyardAndrew Will Winery‚Äôs estate vineyard, TWO BLONDES, is located in Zillah Washington, just outside of Yakima in the Yakima Valley AVA. The vineyard is the coolest site that we work wtih and the Cab Sauv is Clone 8.

Artz Vineyard: Developed by the late Fred Artz this vineyard is planted on a slight north facing slope on Red Mountain in the Yakima Valley AVA. This is the first vineyard ever worked with, the fruit is Clone 8 and like Ciel du Cheval the vines are trained on a Fan Trellis.

Ciel du Cheval: First planted in 1975 on Red Mountain in the Yakima Valley AVA. When the great Spokane Flood formed the Red Mountain region, the Scooteney Channel backed up leaving deposits of gravel and huge stones. The Ciel du Cheval soil is composed of loam on gravel beds which extend 12 feet or more. Our fruit comes from Clone 337.


Justin believes oak builds structure in his wines, we want the oak to put the fruit first. He prefers a lighter toast so as not to mask the aromatics but just provide a tannic spine to the wine. Every year Justin experiments with 2-3 barrels from new coopers but these 4 have been his favorites to work with year in and year out.

Taransaud-A French Cooperage that started in 1672. Barrel production takes place exclusively in France in Merpins (Charente) and Beaune (Burgundy). We have found these barrels impart baking spice notes and create a smoothness to the palate.

Boutes-This French Cooperage produces the leanest barrel we use, no aromatics but provide a huge tannic spine.

Sylvain-These barrels are French oak mostly from national forests. The aromatic profile of these barrels seem to be spicier than the other coopers we use.

Gamba-This French 7 generation cooperage creates the most aromatic barrel we use. Classic French Oak, with notes of charred wood and butterscotch.