Justin Neufeld
March 2, 2020 | Justin Neufeld

Diuranal Range: the secret to WA wine

March is Washington Wine Month.

We are so immersed in Washington wine that I forget there are other places that might also make a Cabernet Sauvignon. (I guess California? France?) What makes WA wine so special? I asked Justin to really zero in on what he believes makes Washington wine distinctly different from other growing regions.

His immediate response was Diurnal Range.
In the fall months Washington gets these big swings in temperature from day to night (viticulturists call it Diurnal Range) really hot days followed by significantly cooler nights.**(side note: this is also what causes Washington apples to get so red while still being crisp)** These temperature swings help to create a natural acidity and structure that results in a well balanced and aromatic glass of wine. In warmer regions, that see less temperature movement, their fruit will ripen more quickly and with lower natural acidity. This can impart a raisin, flabby, and overripe note. Or winemakers will manipulate the wines post harvest.

We are lucky-WA wines are just naturally balanced.
Minimal intervention, maximum terrior expression.


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