Justin Neufeld
February 18, 2024 | Justin Neufeld

Polyphenols & Red Wine

Justin wanted to share this link from his cousin's research that is directly coorelated to the positive effects of red wine and your gut health. Here is the link! And following are Justin's thoughts on the article.

The polyphenols include the tannin and anthocyanin compounds are present in red wine. I liked the connection between polyphenols and the production of GLP-1 which is a 'NATURAL' version of these new synthetic weight loss drugs.

The article also mentions ellagitannins, which are tannins found in red wines that have been aged in oak.

I thought the part about beige fat was interesting, especially when put in context to the xenohermesis hypothesis. The idea that we have co evolved with these plants to the extent that their production of polyphenols, aka 'fall flavors', can induce a 'caloric restriction' metabolic response in us is fascinating. Maybe they act as natural ques that winter is coming. Maybe this is why people prefer to drink red wine in the winter?

The last thing worth mentioning is that I asked Chris if the polymerization of tannin/anthocyanin we observe in wine affects the bodies ability to take up the compounds by our biome. He responded saying that most studies suggest that fermented foods actually seem to make the molecules more accessible and aid in the bodies ability of uptake. 


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