Justin Neufeld
March 30, 2020 | Justin Neufeld

Virtual Cheers in the Time of Quarantine

Wow! Justin and I are so grateful for the positive feedback regarding how much you enjoy the wine and your ordering experience. Thank you. Thank you to everyone who has reached out, checked in, and continued to drink delicious wine. The quarantine continues and so do our relief packages (deep discounts/no shipping). You can still order the packages online (or via phone) and now single bottles of your favorite Cab as well. No Shipping for any of it. Click Here to order.

If we receive your order before 2 p.m. we will have your wine shipped same day. FedEx has been amazing during this crisis and most orders are at your doorstep earlier than ever! You have so many things to worry about right now-drinking delicious wine at home should not be one of them.

Wineries are considered an essential business so Justin continues to work every day and has been laser focused on blending our latest vintage. He is really excited about the 2018 blend! So please know your wine now and in the future is being well cared for!

But before we get too ahead of ourselves we just released our 2017 vintage. We miss sharing a glass with you all so check out the video of Justin describing the 2017 vintage and how it is expressed in the Yakima Valley. Do you agree with his tasting profile?? Please let us know your thoughts on the wine! We know it's not the same as clinking glasses and sharing tasting notes in person but it's as close as we can get right now! 

Sending gratitude and health to you all. Thank you for continuing to drink delicious wine and for your interest in our Cabernets. Please continue to keep us posted on how you all are fairing during this crisis. We look forward to sharing a glass with you soon but until then-Virtual Cheers! -Brooke & Justin

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Justin Neufeld
March 2, 2020 | Justin Neufeld

Diuranal Range: the secret to WA wine

March is Washington Wine Month.

We are so immersed in Washington wine that I forget there are other places that might also make a Cabernet Sauvignon. (I guess California? France?) What makes WA wine so special? I asked Justin to really zero in on what he believes makes Washington wine distinctly different from other growing regions.

His immediate response was Diurnal Range.
In the fall months Washington gets these big swings in temperature from day to night (viticulturists call it Diurnal Range) really hot days followed by significantly cooler nights.**(side note: this is also what causes Washington apples to get so red while still being crisp)** These temperature swings help to create a natural acidity and structure that results in a well balanced and aromatic glass of wine. In warmer regions, that see less temperature movement, their fruit will ripen more quickly and with lower natural acidity. This can impart a raisin, flabby, and overripe note. Or winemakers will manipulate the wines post harvest.

We are lucky-WA wines are just naturally balanced.
Minimal intervention, maximum terrior expression.

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